Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?


Brainard Lake Stars

This is merely someone sharing what they feel is good practice. To practice reflection is to change one’s presence. To be more present, is to be more alive and more involved in your own life and those around you. Reflection is not to be confused with dwelling in the past. It is the opposite. It’s acknowledging the past and recognizing what one should do differently to create a better present.

Notice how I have not spoken about the future?

I have a question for you. It may take a minute or possibly not at all. But it’s a question that one should reflect on. Why? Well, because without reflection there is no awareness and if there is no awareness, you’re a zombie.

A zombie you say? Yes, an empty, non existent sludge of male nourished water filled matter that merely drones on without direction if only for a moment to be excited by its next fix. Once done, down the road of least resistance you go again.

What have you taken for granted today? I can’t tell you what you have taken for granted today, but I can tell you what I have taken for granted.

In no particular order and for easy reading I have provided the following list of things I have taken for granted today:

  • Not pulling myself out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:30 to hit the gym and feel better about my body. (Not to mention the euphoric endorphins I’m missing out on when I “swell” – Yes it’s a word. Look it up.)
  • Listening to my morning commute soundtrack as I walk down to the office.
  • Not saying hello to the semi-homeless man I see every morning handing out papers. He’s always got the best smile (His name is Gary).
  • Taking a moment to sit in the middle of 16th Street Mall. Closing my eyes taking quiet, conscious, relaxing deep breaths into the chaos that is my life.
  • I did not tell someone how awesome they are or say “I love you” today.

What has not been taken for granted:

  • My awareness of this day, and what I will do differently so the next will be that much more meaningful and fulfilling.

By reflecting on the past, you’re choosing to be aware of what could be done differently. By being aware, it’s possible to be more present, and if you’re present – you’re taking in everything this amazing world has to offer here and now.

Or you could just be a zombie 😉

Take a moment and enjoy the flowers you never choose to see every morning you walk by them.  Tell someone how thankful you are to have them in your life – even if they may not be around as much as you would like them to be. Chew a little bit slower so to enjoy every flavor that much more. Smile more and the world will smile back.

When you open your eyes in the morning recognize this is a gift. You are your own God. So create the world you wish to see.


The stars look amazing tonight by the way.


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