A Peace of Mind

One of our problems is that very few of us have developed any distinctive personal life. Everything about us seems secondhand, even our emotions. In many cases we have to rely on secondhand information in order to function. I accept the word of a physician, a scientist, a farmer, on trust. I do not like to do this. I have to because they possess vital knowledge of living of which I am ignorant. Secondhand information concerning the state of my kidneys, the effects of cholesterol, and the raising of chickens, I can live with. But when it comes to questions of meaning, purpose, and death, secondhand information will not do. I cannot survive on a secondhand faith in a secondhand God. There has to be a personal work, a unique confrontation, if I am to become truly alive.

~ A Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck


There comes a moment in all of our lives where we have to stop asking others what we should do, and simply do what we feel is right, “What is in my own best interest.”

This is often some of the most difficult work we will do in this lifetime. It comes from a place when we choose ourselves. To take the time to truly seek out our own truth and remove the continuous distractions that is the world around us.

In some ways it could be said, we are all caterpillars. Only when we choose to go inward to disconnect and remove ourselves from the outside distractions and listen to our inner voice, (for some hearing their inner voice for the first time can be the most chaotic experience they have yet to… experience) is it possible for us to come out from our caves, our cocoons, transformed. Somewhat different, more present, aware and grounded than we have ever experienced. Only now, the scenery has changed. Or has it? The view has become more exuberant, lighter, inviting. Or quite possibly, you have.

Let us stop creating excuses that prevent us from being the people we wish to be and see in our own reflection’s. Rather, start making excuses to do the complete opposite.

It can be that easy.


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