You’re Missed My Friend

old hands


I woke up at 4:30 this morning thinking of you
Remembering the last breath you took
I remember everyone that was in that room
As you kissed this life goodbye while my body shook

Why do you continue to show up when I least expect it
You’re just as sassy in my dreams as you were in life my friend
You were a smart ass then, and even in my REM
When I wake, how I wish I could smell your bad cooking again

You have any idea how many times
I have dialed you on my phone?
Waiting anxiously after the 3rd, 4th, 5th ring
Praying that you will pickup and say hello

You could ask me, “How have you been?”
All the while knowing exactly how I have
I would ask, “How’s the weather these days?”
You would say, “Don’t change the subject.”

You smoked to many damn cigarettes
And you couldn’t handle your liquor one bit
But there are 3 things I wish I could still have in this world
Your smile, your laugh, and how you could always find light for me… when I had a difficult time finding it for myself

You’re missed deeply

Your son


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