Damn Sidewalk

Sean Bobby Sidewalk

My name is Ricky Fix. I found myself on a stone paved sidewalk outside an apartment complex called Grosvener Arms in Downtown Denver. Blood was dripping from my eyebrow. I didn’t know that until two concerned pedestrians saw me on the ground with my pants half way down next to a dying tree outside the complex. They tried to help while I bled all over their clothes. Requesting more and more muscle so I could stand up straight to button my pants that for some reason have become undone. “Don’t ask me, who put this sidewalk here to begin with?” I say.

For some reason I kept on blaming the sidewalk for my problem. It wasn’t the profuse smell of cheap rum and whisky that protuded from my vocal cords and soon to be pores. It wasn’t my lack of care or character that I chose to instill in this body this world has kindly granted me with.

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Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?


Brainard Lake Stars

This is merely someone sharing what they feel is good practice. To practice reflection is to change one’s presence. To be more present, is to be more alive and more involved in your own life and those around you. Reflection is not to be confused with dwelling in the past. It is the opposite. It’s acknowledging the past and recognizing what one should do differently to create a better present.

Notice how I have not spoken about the future?

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We All Make Mistakes

The Day Someone Calls You Out

Today, a very close friend that will remain nameless, had one of those Making mistakesdays. They’re not the person to go out of their way to ruffle feathers, but rather very wisely choose their interactions with calmness and reservation. Today, the world showed up on their doorstep and said, “Guess what, I’m going to push you around today, because I want to see where your tipping point is.”

Work was exhausting. We all know what it is like to work with passive childish adults, and how aggravating / time consuming it can be when the decision is made to have an actual sit down heart to heart (I would rather poor rubbing alcohol in to an open wound … I’ve done it. Screamed like a banshee!).  Continue reading